“I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is affecting my knees and hands.  My knees are bruised and my hands are starting to get deformed.  I took 1 bath with 1oz sample of Jasmine, Rose & Bergamot Reve Calme Bath Salts and I noticed all the bruised areas on my knees have disappeared and I am walking more limber!  I slept well also!   I have now ordered a 5lb. bag of the Unscented Mineral Bath Soaking Salts and I look forward to more improvements.  I am really happy with the results so far and I would recommend anyone suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis to give the salts a try!"
Mitch S., USA

“For 2 years I suffered with a skin disorder, Psoriasis, which covered my elbows with thick layers of hard skin which tended to be itchy.  I started taking baths with Reve Calme Bath Salts and within 1 week my Psoriasis was completely gone!  Anyone suffering with Psoriasis, I would highly recommend Reve Calme Bath Salts!"
Larry, USA

“I am a 10-year old girl who received a sample of your pillow sprays during the Beach Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi Make a Difference Day Event in October 2014.  I always had trouble sleeping and when I used Reve Calme pillow spray I slept better!  I now spray my pillow with Reve Calme Original Pillow Mist.”
Amber, UAE

“I simply LOVE the Luxury Collection Pillow Sprays!  Such a soothing restful night!!”
Paula, USA

Amazing product, great for travel and smells amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!
"We tried the original sprays for the first time almost a year ago when we went on a trip with our 2 kids (traveling from Michigan to New Jersey with a 1 yr old and 4 yr old with hotel stays to break up the travel). I was amazed how they seemed to calm in the hotel when we sprayed their pillows. We continued to use the sprays (we had the Baby Mist, 2 Relaxing Original Pillow Mist and the Desert Mist). When we finally used the last of the original 4, we decided to try the Jasmine Mist. It smells amazing, and same results! My daughter, now 2 years old, called me into her room because I forgot to pray her pillow! We all really like the smells and they provide a more relaxing and restful sleep (for all of us)!"
Amazon Customer, USA

Works so well!!
"I use Baby Mist for my toddler. She fights sleep and i mist her crib with it for nap time and bed time. Helps her go to sleep so well. It smells nice too! Doesn't discolor anything or leave any re
sidue at all."
Amazon Customer, USA

“I love the smell!”
Betsy, USA

“I like the spray because I don't have to take the ibuprofen any more to help me sleep. Thanks Reve Calme for the great invention! Good Luck!”
Mary Jo, USA

“I love the smell! It helps me feel relaxed.”
Ahmed, UAE

“After receiving our Pillow spray we put it to use the first night. After spraying our pillows, we were out quick! I struggle with sleeping and greatly appreciate the results....excellent product!
Pat, USA

“These sprays really work! This product will do well in the market.”
Adrian, UAE

“I received mine in yesterday's mail.....last night I slept like a baby.....guess which pillow mist I used?”
Michele, USA

“My young daughters first comment was on the fragrances. They loved the smells!”
Jackie, USA

“Been using it and loving the pillow spray! And after talking with another customer, we both agree it's awesome!!”
Becky, USA

“I spray on my pillow every night and breath deep and i feel good. I just love the smells!”
Patti, USA

“I have been using it for a week now. I LOVE IT”
Sharon, USA

“We love it!”
Milajoy, UAE

“They will like it - - especially if they have sore muscles. My husband uses it every night for his legs and feet which are sore from the type of job he has and it really helps. I will need to order another bottle very soon. Best of luck Reve Calme - I think it will go over very well.”
Donna, USA

“Excellent! I like the feeling.”
Alejandro, UAE

“ It's really an amazing product….My favorite is BABY MIST. I love it ....this gives me deep sleep...thanks Reve Calme! I have low blood pressure and the Baby Mist spray really works great for me!”
Sumesh, UAE

“My wife and I used it when we took a bath and poured it into the bath water and sprayed it into the air. Our chests felt so fresh. We had the same feeling like when we visit the mountains in the morning and feel the clean air in chests. Your sprays also relaxed our bodies! I am very particular with scents but I loved these sprays!”
Jorge, UAE

“ Reve Calme has helped my insomniac son fall to sleep faster and get back into a normal sleep schedule for school. All the scents are great and work great too! Thanks Reve Calme for the sweet dreams!”
Marci, USA

“I purchased the pillow mist for my step son and step daughter who said there were having issues sleeping. We first tried the sample pack and they found their favorites scents. We then bought the full size bottles so they could take them to their mom's. They were super excited and said that they have been sleeping better!”
Michelle, USA

“I have always had trouble going to sleep at night due to work stress and thinking of many things. I would also wake up numerous times during the night. I needed better sleep to function throughout my busy workday and gym activities in the evening times. I was researching online for natural products that could help me relax and sleep better and that did not contain any drugs or alcohols. I was pleasantly surprised to find Reve Calme Pillow Mist products which were all natural and contained organic oils. I started using your product in September 2013 and continue to spray my pillow and blankets almost every night before sleeping. I find this product amazing and the smell is wonderful and it seems to be just strong enough to make me relaxed and I start yawning within 2 minutes of spraying my pillow. I wake up in the morning feeling fresh and my mind is clear to focus on the new day ahead! Thank you so much!”
Amazon Customer, USA

“Thank you Reve Calme for inventing such a product in the market that is all natural and contains such a large range of essential oils all in one bottle. I purchased your product one month ago and I spray my pillow every night before sleep. I just love the smell and I feel it help calm my body before I sleep.

Another bonus: since this product does not contain any alcohols, it does not stain my pillows or blankets like some other pillow spray products on the market.”
Amazon Customer, USA

“I am so pleased with this product. I am sleeping so sound at night. I am always suspicious of any product. The cost is so reasonable I thought I would try it. It is unbelievable. I bought the desert mist. It is not an overpowering smell. It is very mild. I am sure I will try the other two. It is just amazing how sound I sleep. I believe in this. Thank you.”
Amazon Customer, USA

“Love this spray. Having sore muscles and an aching back this is the perfect choice to help me sleep at night. A few sprays and I instantly begin to feel relaxed. After using it for a while now it's also nice that it does not leave and discoloration on the bedding. My husband even uses it to help him sleep during the day since he works at night. Five stars for sure.”
Amazon Customer, USA