Reve Calme pillow spray products and unique blend of bath salts can be anywhere you want us to be! Our products fit into an array of Market Sectors including:

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Spas & Wellness Centers
  • All-Natural Wellness Retail Shops
  • Airlines & Cruise Ships
  • Fitness Centers
  • Pharmacies & Drugstores

Why is Reve Calme Different?

Client Satisfaction
We cater to our Client's requirements. Our Client's needs are our #1 Priority. We excel in providing superior service based on the Client's requirements and we meet their objectives! We strive to make the Client and Clientele satisfied!

Personal Touch & Attention to Detail
Reve Calme is unique in that we pride ourselves in providing the Client with material options that creates a unique Personal Touch and Attention to Details. Specifically in the Hospitality Sector, we love one-on-one Client relationships. For example, we personalize our Client's Pillow Spray Gift Set to suit the requirements of the Client's Brand, Clientele, Hotel/Resort or Organization's Concept. While other Brands in the market cannot focus on the details as they produce mass quantities of products and leave out the Personal Touch.

Overall Mind & Body Relaxation
Reve Calme relaxing pillow sprays have been formulated with a unique blend of essential oils to relax the mind and body providing overall wellness. Once the mind and body is relaxed, the muscles are relaxed as well. When all these factors work simultaneously, the individual falls into a pleasant sleep having quiet and calm dreams!

All-Natural & No Chemicals
Reve Calme sprays are all-natural and do not contain any alcohols or chemicals, thus the fragrances are not strong. We believe that a person should not be breathing chemicals. Other brands in the market contain chemicals which help retain the smell of the fragrances when sprayed on the pillow or blankets.

Subtle Fragrances
Our products are light and natural when sprayed. As long as a person breathes the fine mist when sprayed, the process of aromatherapy starts to work preparing the mind and body for relaxation. Many brands provide a strong fragrance which is not required in the aromatherapy process.

No Stains or Discoloration
Our products have been tested with multiple Clients and Customers. Our products will not stain or discolor pillows or blankets.

Zero Irritations
All three formulas have been tested and approved by a certified laboratory in the USA resulting zero symptoms of any eye, skin or oral irritations. Reve Calme LLC establishment and product ingredients are listed with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Quality & Effectiveness
Our products stand out in quality and we have customers consistently comment on the effectiveness and fragrances. As our products have been created to help relax the mind and body, but we have a few customers who have used the sprays and found the sprays relieve their sore muscles! We rely on repeat customers who return after their sprays are finished!

Simply shake the bottle and spray on your pillow and/or bed covers before sleeping!  You can also spray your body! Wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful!