Do you have stubborn creases or wrinkles in your
pillowcases or bed sheets?

Directions for use: Spray fine mist over area 3 or 4 times until fabric is slightly damp. Swipe your hand across the fabric to straighten out the creases or wrinkles. Let dry.

Are you searching for a unique fragrance or scent for a certain space, room, office, lobby or establishment? 

Do you want your visitors to remember you and their lovely experience after they leave?

Reve Calme can provide our Clients and Customers with custom fragrances or scents which creates a unique style to any brand or establishment.  Our fragrances and scents are made with all natural, 100% pure essential oils.

Reve Calme custom fragrances and scent can apply to any range of applications including, but not limited to: Pillow Sprays, Room Sprays, Linen Sprays, Bath Salts, Room Diffusers and HVAC Diffuser Systems.  

Our products are compatible with existing HVAC diffuser devices, room diffusers or any other scenting application. 

If you do not have a diffuser system in place, Reve Calme can provide a system or devices to fit within your establishment.

We would be pleased to assist in providing you with a complete package for any application! 

For inquires on custom fragrances and scents contact us today!