Reve Calme original product line incorporates 3 unique relaxing formulas of pillow sprays called:  Baby Mist, Pillow Mist (Original) and Desert Mist.  Each have distinctive blend of essential oils and scents.

Baby Mist contains 4 essential oils and has been formulated for babies or small children. Adults are also using this product and having positive and effective results.


Pillow Mist is our original formula which I created in September 2013 after suffering with issues of falling asleep at night and waking many times during the night.  The Pillow Mist formula contains 7 essential oils.


Desert Mist contains the 7 essential oils as the Pillow Mist, but we have added one more essential oil, East Indian Sandalwood. The East Indian Sandalwood intensifies this formula with a woody fragrance and has been targeted for those cultures that prefer a woody-like fragrance.