About Us

Greetings and Welcome to Reve Calme!


My name is Tammy Leemon, the Founder and Chief Dreamer of Reve Calme. When starting any new business, the company name is significant as it should clearly define “Who We Are” and “What We Do”! Thus, my objective was to create a unique phrase that best describes our company and our products. After some research it was unquestionable that “Reve Calme” was a perfect fit. "Reve Calme" is a French phrase which means "Calm or Quiet Dream" in English. 

The story and creation behind Reve Calme is quite extraordinary. I was on vacation in May 2013 in Seychelles and was staying at a 5-Star Resort. The resort had placed a pillow spray next to the bed.  I sprayed my pillow and found it helped me to relax and sleep better, as I suffered with sleeping issues due to work stress, anxiety and tension for many years since living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Once the spray was finished, I compiled some research data and created my own blend of a relaxing pillow spray. In September 2013 I began using my own creation of pillow spray which I now call “Original Mist”. I used the “Original Mist” spray since that day, giving samples to friends to test who also suffered with sleeping issues.  After receiving positive feedback, I entertained the idea to transform “Original Mist” into a legitimate product. 

In February 2014 I decided that I would provide this spray to my guests who stay at my vacation resort in Door County, Wisconsin. Shortly after this time, with the suggestions of family and friends, I created two other relaxing pillow spray formulas called “Baby Mist” and “Desert Mist”. 

Hence, in April 2014 I established a business called Reve Calme LLC. This is where I manufacture and distribute my own unique blend of various aromatherapy products.  

In May 2014 I introduced my new Reve Calme relaxing aromatherapy pillow spray products to various market sectors, targeting retail stores, fitness centers, spas/salons and hotel/resort establishments in the USA and in the UAE. 

Since 2014, I have created and distributed new aromatherapy product lines, and incorporated smoke/odor control products, aroma diffuser systems and custom fragrances into our products & services.  I have also expanded Reve Calme markets to include Maldives, Kuwait and Bahrain.

We strive to provide the best quality and unique products and services in the market.  We continually take suggestions from our Clients and Customers and listen to their needs. Watch for Reve Calme, as we are consistently adding new products every day!  I look forward to introducing Reve Calme products to all market sectors around the world! 


Worldwide Customer Service

We strive for exceptional customer service to our Clients & Customers in the USA and throughout the world.  Our Clients & Customers are our #1 priority.  Our products and services are distributed to luxury hotels & spas and retail stores throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Kuwait & Maldives.

Contact us with any questions/inquires on our products, customized services, wholesale pricing or bulk pricing.




Sustainability and preserving the environment is equally important to us.  

We provide a minimum amount of packaging materials for our products. Our bottles can be reused in other applications. Our fabric gift bags can be utilized for another occasion. Our mailing envelopes are made from post-industrial recycled plastic. The majority of our packaging materials including the bottles, labels and greeting cards are procured locally, thus conserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. Waste generated from raw material shipments including the cardboard, plastic and paper is recycled or repurposed.


High-Quality Products


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality products that convey the true spirit of relaxation and wellness for the mind and body. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding service and personal care with each transaction. We welcome customer feedback as comments assist in continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

We believe wellness is natural and we are proud to offer only products which are made using the purest natural ingredients. Our products are free of chemicals which we find in most cosmetics. We like the simple designs that are enhanced with colors to remind us of nature. 


Social Responsibility


 We believe it is our responsibility to give back. As the founder of Reve Calme, I established a platform where I am proud to relieve customers who suffer with sleeping or skin-related issues and in the same regard give back to society and noteworthy charity organizations that assist others in another form.  Reve Calme is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society.