Products & Services

Pillow Spray/Pillow Mist

Pillow Spray, Pillow Mist

Relax the mind and body at bedtime.  Spray your pillow and/or blankets and breathe in the all-natural essential oils.  

Various fragrances and sizes available.

Sleep Serum

Sleep Serum


Simply apply the Sleep Serum on your pressure points before bedtime to relax the mind and body.  

Various fragrances and sizes available.

Bath Salts

Bath Salt

 Bath Salts contain a unique mixture of Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt which provide a multitude of health benefits for the body.

Various fragrances and sizes available.  

Foaming Bubble Bath Bombs

Bubble Bath Bombs

Foaming Bubble Bath Bombs   

contain a bath salt mixture, sweet almond oil and scented oil which create a fun and exciting bubble bath. The sweet almond oil softens the skin. Simply drop the bath bomb in the tub as you are filling the tub to create a mound of bubbles!

Various fragrances and sizes are available. 

Bath Caviar

Bath Caviar

Bath Caviar moisturizes and soothes skin leaving a beautiful fragrance on the skin. 

Pour bath caviar into warm bath water and soak 30-40 minutes.

Various fragrances and sizes are available.

Bath Tea Blend

Bath Tea Blend

Bath Tea Blend contain various relaxing flowers. 

Prepare a hot bath and soak the tea bag in the hot water. You may also boil the tea bags in water and pour the tea bag and water mixture into warm bath water.

Various tea blends and sizes are available.

Milk Bath

Milk Bath

  Milk Bath hydrates and soothes dry skin. Simply pour the milk bath mixture under running water at bath time.

Various fragrances and sizes are available.

Sleep Masks/Eye Pillows

Sleep Mask, Eye Pillows

 Sleep Masks are available in a wide range of styles, colors and textures.

 Hot/Cold Eye Pillows are Silky Satin and can be heated in a microwave or placed in the freezer.  

All sleep mask and hot/cold eye pillows include a branded logo label. 

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

The bullet case and ear plugs pictured above are the most popular ear plugs among our Clients. 

Ear plugs are available in beige and orange colors.

Various styles of ear plugs are also available. 

Hot/Cold Wraps & Booties, Mittens & Sinus Mask

Shoulder Wraps, Back Wraps, Booties, Mittens and Sinus Eye Mask

Shoulder Wraps, Back Wraps, Booties, Mittens & Sinus Eye Mask can be heated in a microwave or placed in the freezer. 

Items are recommended during spa treatments or for everyday use to relax the muscles or relieve swelling. 

Various colors and fragrances are available.

Disposable Swimsuits

Disposable Swimsuits

 Disposable Swimsuits are produced in durable       

DuPont's Tyvek® material  and are available for men, women, boys and girls. 

The disposable swimsuits are available in various sizes and styles. 

Disposable swimsuits can be sold in retail. 

Most Clients purchase these swimsuits for use in spas, recreation/fitness facilities, etc. 

Water Infusion Drops

All-Natural Water Enhancing Drops

Water Infusion Drops power up your water for health and vitality.   Create unique mixtures within the various flavors.

These products fit well in spas, hotels, fitness centers, etc. 

The drops can be used in cold water and hot water applications. 

Products are available in retail and in larger professional sizes. 

Beverage Dispensers

Water Dispensers

Stainless Steel & Polycarbonate Beverage Dispensers are ideal for the all-natural water infusion drops. 

The beverage dispensers are available in single or double containers. 

Reed Diffusers & Fragrances

Reed Diffusers and Fragrances

Reed Diffusers & Fragrances  provide fragrance to any room or space. 

Numerous colors and shapes of the glass reed diffuser bottles are available. 

Various fragrance oils are available.

Aroma Bead Sachets


 Aroma Bead Sachet includes Organza Fabric Bag.

Freshens up storage spaces, linen closets, linen drawers or any other small space.

Aroma beads can be re-used by soaking in a fragrance oil of choice.

Various fragrances or custom fragrances available.

Custom/Signature Fragrances

Custom or Signature Fragrances

Reve Calme collaborates with professional perfumers to create custom/signature fragrances for our Clients. 

We can also replicate any fragrance in the market. 

Standard fragrance oils are also available. 

Aroma Diffuser Systems

Aroma Diffuser Systems

Aroma Diffuser Systems can be connected to your HVAC systems or placed on the floor/wall in an open space. 

Aroma Diffuser Systems can be purchased or provided on a rental basis. 

Various styles and sizes are available.

Smoke/Odor Control Products & Machines

Smoke and Odor Control Products and Odor Control Machines

Smoke/Odor Control Products  provide numerous applications in various sectors including Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Janitorial Services and Transportation. 

All smoke/odor control products are all natural and do not contain any chemicals. 

These products do not mask smoke/odors, they eliminate the smoke/odors! 

Smoke/odor machines remove smoke/odors in a large space.

Gift Collections


Bath Salt & Bath Bomb Gift Sets contain dark bamboo basket and red ribbon. Perfect for special occasions or holiday events!

Gift Sets can be customized with a specific design or branded logo.